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  • Top 20 Secret Suppliers
    ($399 VALUE)
    We have included our own highly reviewed suppliers list so that you can start finding profitable products to list right away!
  • Profit Margin Calculator
    ($49 VALUE)
    Knowing your profits is vital to running any business. By using our customized dropshipping profit calculator, you can save yourself from ever losing money.
  • Software Discounts
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    We have negotiated special discounts for our students that can save over $99 dollars on the top dropshipping software and applications.
  • Item Sourcing Template
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    Finding profitable products to sell is the most difficult process for many dropshippers. Use this sourcing template to sell thousands of items.
  • Customer Service Scripts
    ($49 VALUE)
    Avoid receiving harmful negative feedback. Reduce returns, refunds, and INR cases with our refined customer service scripts.
  • Accounting Template
    ($49 VALUE)
    Accounting can be a daunting task. We have simplified the process with our pre-made sheet which is primed for recording earnings for tax purposes.

Here is what you’ll get:

  • Modules 1-2:
    Introduction to Manual eBay Dropshipping
    Lesson 1.1- Welcome to DSU!
    Lesson 1.2- Course Introduction And Private Members Facebook Group
    Lesson 2.1- Why To Start Manual eBay Dropshipping In 2019
    Lesson 2.2- Manual Dropshipping Best Practices
    Lesson 2.3- Frequently Asked Manual Questions
    Lesson 2.4- Is Your eBay Account Flagged?
    Lesson 2.5- Starting A Brand New eBay Account
    Lesson 2.6- Site Preferences Walk-Through
    Lesson 2.7- Setting Up Business Policies
    Lesson 2.8- Avoiding Restrictions (MC011)
    Lesson 2.9- Verifying Your Account
  • Modules 3-4:
    Sourcing Highly Profitable Items
    Lesson 3.1- Our Top 10 Recommended Suppliers List
    Lesson 3.2- Finding And Vetting Out Unique Suppliers
    Lesson 3.3- Matching Up Business Policies With Your Source
    Lesson 4.1- Using Our Formatted Course Google Sheets (Templates)
    Lesson 4.2- Manual Sourcing Google Sheet Breakdown
    Lesson 4.3- Identifying Other Re-Sellers
    Lesson 4.4- Manual Item Research
    Lesson 4.5- Competitor Research And Sniping
    Lesson 4.6- Advanced Competitor Research
    Lesson 4.7- Calculating Your Profit
  • Modules 5-6:
    Listing & Inventory Management
    Lesson 5.1- Manually Listing Your 1st Item
    Lesson 5.2- Manually Repricing And Stock Monitoring
    Lesson 5.3- Repricing And Stock Software
    Lesson 5.4- Repricing A Single Item Without API
    Lesson 5.5- Listing And Repricing Streamlined
    Lesson 5.6- Listing Items Quickly Without API
    Lesson 5.7- Creating Listing Templates Within eBay
    Lesson 6.1- Understanding Title Optimization
    Lesson 6.2- Tools To Help Optimize Titles
    Lesson 6.3- How To Get More Traction On Listings
  • Modules 7-8:
    Processing Sales & Customer Service

    Lesson 7.1- You Sold Your 1st Item!
    Lesson 7.2- Best Tool For Order Processing
    Lesson 7.3- Picking The Right Cash Back Portals
    Lesson 7.4- Ensuring You Always Get Your Cashback
    Lesson 7.5- Manually Uploading Tracking Numbers
    Lesson 8.1- Customer Service
    Lesson 8.2-Maintaining Great Seller Metrics
    Lesson 8.3- Properly Cancelling Orders
    Lesson 8.4- Returns and ‘INR’ Cases
    Lesson 8.5- Buyers Remorse Returns
    Lesson 8.6- Common Customer Inquiries
    Lesson 8.7- Our Scripted Responses Overview
  • Modules 9-10:
    Feedback & Organization
    Lesson 9.1- What Is Feedback And Does It Matter?
    Lesson 9.2- Avoiding Negative Feedback
    Lesson 9.3- Feedback Removal
    Lesson 10.1- Tracking Your Profit Manually
    Lesson 10.2- Problem Customers And Returns
    Lesson 10.3- Email Organization
  • Modules 11-12:
    Maximizing Margins & Tax Exemption
    Lesson 11.1- Best Cashback Credit Cards
    Lesson 11.2- Expedited Shipping Loophole
    Lesson 11.3- Best Gift Card Website
    Lesson 11.4- Using Price Match Software
    Lesson 12.1- In-Depth Tax Exemption Overview
    Lesson 12.2- Source Tax Exemption Step-By-Step Guide
  • Modules 13-14:
    Advanced Topics
    Lesson 13.1- PayPal Jail
    Lesson 13.2- Getting Your Limits Raised (LIVE Call)
    Lesson 13.3- eBay Store Subscriptions Optimal Upgrade Points
    Lesson 13.4- Bulk Uploading With No API Integration
    Lesson 13.5- Exponentially Increase Your Sales
    Lesson 14.1- Low Performing Listings
    Lesson 14.2- Mitigating Vero Items
    Lesson 14.3- Listings Items Not Found On eBay
    Lesson 14.4- Should You Collect Sales Tax?
    Lesson 14.5- Conclusion And Support