The Commercial Investor – CRE Matchmaker – Additional Files and Bonuses

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JV Source List

Your JV Capital LinkedIn ‘Source List’, Your Golden Ticket to Top-Tier Deal Making. No more struggling to fund your deals!


Your Pitchbook is below. Now you can pitch your investors with total confidence. Before you dive in, please watch the tutorial.

Linkedin Leaders

Your secret weapon to unlocking the hidden commercial equity and asset treasure trove buried inside your LinkedIn account


01. How To Market For Deal Flow

02. Introduction to Bulk REO Non-Performing Loan Tapes

03. Introduction Into Cultivating And Syndicating Capital

04. Sal Discusses His Own Pitchbook With The Audience (Rare Footage)

05. Deal Structuring Strategies with Peter Kasyanenko

06. Interview With A Wall Street Bulk Loan Trader

07. Interview With A Wall Street Bulk Loan Trader Q&A Session

08. Student Deal Submission Reviews

09. Examples Of Bad Deal Submissions

10. Open Mic Q&A Session

11. Open Mic Q&A And Final Thoughts

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