The Advanced Forex Price Action Techniques

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Professional Strategies to Turn Your Forex Trading Around in 20 Trades!

  • Having the privilege of working daily alongside hundreds of traders in the last 3+ years has allowed me to gain a deep understanding of the struggles developing Forex traders face. I understand the frustration of traders who have been trading for years but yet still unable to make consistent profits. I’ve been told by many of our students that they like the way I teach trading concepts. I am often asked to explain how I approach my own trading. Although a live trading room is a great environment to analyze trades together, it is not an ideal format to teach everything I know about trading the Forex. I am often left unsatisfied with my explanation due to time constrain and other factors. After much consideration and requests from those I work with, I decided to organize all my trading knowledge in a single course that will hopefully benefit serious traders.

    Having almost nine years of experience in the foreign exchange market and having gone through many of the common pitfalls traders face, I have been able to put together some simple concepts to give many traders the aha moment. I feel once the right pieces of the puzzle have been put together, traders can see that trading can be profitable with the right technical and psychological approach. I am NOT offering an “easy money” strategy or amazing results with an XYZ indicator to suck traders into another false promise of getting rich quickly. What I am offering is a good solid approach to trading the Forex market that I and other professional traders have been using for years.

    The Price Action course has taken over a year to put together. The ultimate objective is to help turn around the trading of struggling traders. The way I have set out to develop this course is to focus on the correct thought process traders need in order to transform their trading. I hope to have the winning mindset ingrained in them early on. Then I discuss some foundational market structures in very practical terms and how to employ different tools to find high probability trade setups. I go through some of the most popular trading patterns but introduce some very unorthodox ways of locating them.

    Focusing on the traders’ unique thought process and preferences in a timeframe is very important to finding consistent success. I do not believe a trading method can be forced upon someone. Doing so will invariably make the trader feel uncomfortable as they will soon discover the approach and timeframe simply don’t suit them. This can often lead to a lack of confidence and a feeling of discomfort when trying to trade.

    The Price Action course offers an all-round approach to trading the Forex market. It consists of simple exercises laid out to help acquire the right mindset to some transparent yet powerful technical tools that make for easy application. There is also an extensive video archive of simulated trades designed to “firm up” the concepts taught in the course. This helps to build trader confidence.

    Advanced Forex Price Action Video Course Content

    Section 1: Thinking Like a Pro

    1. Introduction
    2. Course Objective
    3. Think Like A Professional
    4. A Trip To The Casino
    5. A Trip To The Casino (Part 2)
    6. Trading In Sample Sizes
    7. Tracking Your Progress

    Section 2: Market Structure & Tools

    1. Market Structure & Technical Tools
    2. SimTrade: Finding Major Price Swings
    3. Order Flow – What Goes On At A Key Level
    4. Key Support Zones – Double Bottom
    5. SimTrade: Double Bottom/Double Top
    6. How to Use Candles/Bars
    7. Refining Key Support & Resistance Zones
    8. SimTrade: Refining Support & Resistance Zones
    9. Fibonacci Retracements – Up Swing
    10. SimTrade: Fibonacci Retracements
    11. Fibonacci Projections – Up Swing
    12. SimTrade: Fibonacci Projections
    13. Combining Fib Retracements & Fib Projections
    14. SimTrade: Combining Fib Retracements & Projections
    15. Trendlines & Channels
    16. Putting it All Together – Power of Confluence
    17. SimTrade: High Probability Trading Levels Using Confluence

    Section 3: Patterns

    1. Introduction to Patterns
    2. Head & Shoulders
    3. SimTrade: Head & Shoulders
    4. Inverse Head & Shoulders
    5. SimTrade: Inverse Head & Shoulders
    6. Bullish Gartley
    7. SimTrade: Bullish Gartley
    8. Bearish Gartley
    9. SimTrade: Bearish Gartley
    10. Bullish Bat
    11. SimTrade: Bullish Bat
    12. Bearish Bat
    13. SimTrade: Bearish Bat
    14. Bullish Butterfly
    15. SimTrade: Bullish Butterfly
    16. Bearish Butterfly
    17. SimTrade: Bearish Butterfly
    18. Bullish Crab
    19. SimTrade: Bullish Crab
    20. Bearish Crab
    21. SimTrade: Bearish Crab
    22. Bullish Base
    23. SimTrade: Bullish Base
    24. Bearish Base
    25. SimTrade: Bearish Base
    26. Head & Shoulders Broken Down
    27. Butterfly Completes the Gartley
    28. SimTrade: Bullish Gartley Inside Bullish Bat
    29. SimTrade: Head & Shoulders Inside Bat Pattern

    Section 4: Entry, Management, Profits

    1. Trade Entry
    2. Trade Management
    3. Where to Take Profits

    Section 5: Rangebound & Trending Markets

    1. Introduction
    2. Trading A Range-Bound Market
    3. Trading a Trending Market

    Section 6: Resources

    1. Resources Overview
    3. Intermarket Correlations
    4. MNI FX Bullet Points
    5. Forex Tester

    Section 7: How I Approach My Trading Day

    1. Pre Trade
    2. Pre-Trade/Trade
    3. Afterward

    Section 8: Recap

    Bonus Sim Trades

    Bonus Resources