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  • LCBvault ~

    • New Trainings Added Weekly
    • Learn Tips & Tricks That I Use To Run My Own Business.
    • Access to Previous Over The Shoulder Training’s
    • Kids LCB Course
    • Great For Beginners and Advanced KDPers

    Every week I will be creating an over the shoulder training, these trainings can be anything from:

    • Amazon Advertising
    • Resources With 1000’s Of Ideas
    • Scaling Designs
    • Outsourcing Custom Made Interiors
    • Building Micro Brands For Your Books
    • Using Your Books For Traffic Generation To Send To Other POD Products
    • Niche Research
    • Book Research.
    • Low & No Content Book Interior Creation
    • Design
    • Tips & Tricks Covered With Golden Nuggets
    • LOTS More!

    Every week I will be creating an over-the-shoulder training, these training can be anything from niche research, to book research. design, organization, and lots of tips and tricks covered with golden nuggets that you can use in your own low content book business to help you make more royalties.