SMB – Market Profile Course

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This course teaches you to …

  • See beyond price. Develop a framework for deep market understanding

  • Learn the 10 Laws of Market Dynamics

  • Trade smarter as you see how Market Profile complements any existing trading skills.

  • This course closes the gap between traditional MP teachings and actionable trading concepts

  • See true Risk: Reward– not made up like other methods

  • Know how to ideally manage trades based on the current market condition

  • See what the market is attempting to do. You’ll be amazed at the insight you gain

SMB – Market Profile Course Contents

Day 1


Auction Market Theory

Market Profile Basics Construction, Terms, Uses

How Can We Use This Stuff?

Market Condition

Day 2

Introduction, Lessons from Yesterday’s Markets

Composite Profiles Primer

Building and Using Composites

S&P500 Example Work

Day 3

Introduction, Lessons from this Morning

10 Laws of Market Dynamics

Visuals for the 10 Laws of Market Dynamics


Wrapping Up

More Analysis

Follow Up 1

Follow Up 2

Emphasizing What’s Most Important

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