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51 Handsome Guy Secrets by Ryan Magin is a video course that will help you upgrade your sense of style and be more physically attractive to women. Unless you already have an above-average grasp on this topic and regularly get compliments on how you look, you'll probably learn a lot from this.

The real strength of this course is its simplicity. On the download page is a series of 50 links (not sure why there isn't 51) that opens up a video with a particular lesson. Most of the videos are a few minutes long so they're easy to get through and there's nothing complicated here. By the end of the product, you'll come away with the knowledge of how to be one of the better-dressed men anywhere you go out.

The whole area of fashion and style is one that is confusing for a lot of men, especially when it comes to dressing in a way that is appealing to women. So if you think you'd benefit from having a guide that's more or less done for you and just tells you exactly what to wear, you'll appreciate this product. You could go through it in a few hours, head out shopping on the weekend and pick up at least 80% of what you'd need for your new wardrobe. Done.

You'll always be able to add new pieces and update certain items, but the core pieces of your wardrobe will serve you in most situations. Not all of the recommendations might be necessary for you (for instance, you may have no need of a couple of suits and if you live in a hot climate some of the clothes won't make sense to wear) so pick and choose what is going to fit your lifestyle.

Having An Everyday Uniform

One of the things that Ryan talks about is having an everyday 'uniform'. Not as in an actual uniform, but rather a look that you can throw together without having to think about it. This will be really beneficial for most guys, as it takes a lot of the guesswork out of figuring out what to wear.

He gives you examples of this and what his own personal uniform is, and also how you can make minor adjustments so that it's suitable for different environments. So if you're out during the day and then have to be somewhere later like a restaurant or bar, he shows you how you can add one piece and change your look from casual to smart casual and you're good to go.

The caveat to this is don't take it to mean you should literally wear the exact same thing every day. Ryan talks about how he has a few of the exact same items because he wears them often but also has other colors to mix them up. There are some guys who wear the same exact thing seven days a week and most women are going to find it weird if you do this.

Fashion And The Dating Industry

If you're more familiar with the dating community you may know that a number of years back one of the ideas popular amongst pick-up artists was peacocking. First popularized by Mystery, the concept can have some benefits for getting yourself extra attention and really standing out. The problem was often guys would wear a bunch of outlandish items without really having any idea of what they were trying to accomplish. The end result was sometimes looking like a clown and drawing attention for all the wrong reasons.

So some people today hear dating coach and fashion in the same sentence and automatically picture top hats, pink feather boas, and more jewelry than an 80's rock band. However, things have come a long way since those days and it's generally much more toned down. If you are worried that's the kind of advice you're going to get in the product, that's not the case at all.

Following Ryan's advice will have you looking cool and classy and drawing attention for positive reasons. To give you an example, an easy outfit that he suggests is a pair of jeans, boots, a t-shirt, and a blazer. This is the kind of thing that is going to look good on pretty much everyone, provided you buy the right items. It's not a matter of wearing any pair of jeans and any old t-shirt, and this is where Ryan goes into more detail on where you should shop and what you should be looking to buy.

Another thing that is covered is how to specifically dress for the first date, including one thing that is perhaps counter-intuitive that you don't want to do, and how to dress depending on what venue you are going to. There's a concept Ryan talks about called one level above, which is good for most guys to implement.

Getting Creative

Aside from the clothes you're wearing, one thing that'll make a big difference to your overall look is what accessories you choose to wear. This can include things such as hats, belts, ties, rings, necklaces, sunglasses, etc. Customizing your look with a bit of creative flair can be the difference between looking in the top 10% of guys in the venue and looking in the top 1%.

This course will give you the tools to get to that top 10% level, but it doesn't really go beyond that. There is some info here on buying belts and which ties generally look better, but it doesn't really get too much into accessories. It's touched on, but it doesn't really give examples of how to put together more advanced looks in the same easy-to-implement way as the foundation stuff.

For most guys, this won't really be much of an issue, but for the guys who are wanting to take their style even further, it's a bit limited here. Something you might want to check out that goes into a bit more advanced detail is Seduce With Style 2.0.

One thing in that book is it encourages you to experiment a bit with different colors in a way that will make you stand out more. In 51 Handsome Guy Secrets, the emphasis is more on neutral, solid colors and keeping things basic. This is a safe way to go for most guys as it makes it harder to screw things up, but for more advanced guys it can also be kind of limiting.

Making The Clothes Look Good

You'll also find some tips here on how to make yourself look better physically, which will, in turn, make you look better in your new clothes. Ryan has a strong background in fitness and nutrition so he knows what he's talking about on these topics. So you'll see what the main thing is you should be aiming to do in regards to your body so that clothes will look better on you. You'll also see what you choose so it's the most attractive fit for your body type, and this is something that many guys get wrong.

Ryan also talks about haircuts, including how to get a good one and how often you should probably get your hair cut. Something he also recommends is getting a tan, which will make you look better and give you more options in the colors that you can wear. However one of the ways he suggests doing this is through the use of tanning beds, which could be hazardous to your health. Do your own research on this if it's something you want to pursue, but personally, I'd stay well clear of them.

Another thing you can do to improve the way your clothes look is to have them tailored, and this is something that Ryan goes into some detail on. For many guys, the thought of doing this probably seems too complicated, expensive, or something you might only do for suits. But Ryan shows you how simple it can be to do and also why buying cheaper clothes and having them tailored can often be better than buying more expensive items off the rack.

There are also some good examples here of clothes that will fit a variety of budgets. If money is tight then there are basic items here you can buy pretty cheaply, as well as examples of how you can get clothes for a discount. If you've got more cash to spend then there are specific items shown that fit into the mid-range as well as the higher-end price brackets.


There are a few bonuses included with the main product. One of them is the Going Out Cheat Sheet. This is a short video that gives you 10 quick tips on items you should own or things you need to do to look your best when you go out. It's all solid information and pretty much acts as a summary of the main product, giving you the most important things to work on, at least in terms of going out at night.

Also included is a short video on making a magnetic first impression, but this is the same video as one of the tips in the main product so it's just the same content included twice. The last bonus is access to a private Facebook group, where Ryan posts new content and videos and it'll be worth joining this so you can get extra tips and updates.

The Bottom Line

This is a really solid product that'll teach you how to look good with the emphasis on being attractive to women. This is suitable for guys of a beginner or intermediate level, and for 90% of you, the information here will be pretty much all you ever need.

If you're looking for more advanced info on fashion and style, then perhaps Seduce With Style 2.0 would be better suited to your needs. But if you want a really easy-to-understand and practical guide on how to look good in just about any situation, 51 Handsome Guy Secrets is something you should check out.