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This program gives you over 4 days of content with Robin and his high-impact faculty of thought-leaders and world-class speakers, which includes Olympians, icons of industry, and physicians of high efficiency and health, teaching their most advanced materials.

This world-class event has been called legendary and life-changing, and this membership gives you 4 days of content with Robin and his faculty, at an amazingly low price, along with a workbook so that you can go step by step along with each one of these experts to make sure you get the highest value and impact.

The Titan Academy isn’t for everyone…just those uncommon performers who want to play in the rare air of iconic.

The Titan Summit is Robin’s exclusive annual conference for only the highest level of game-changers. Each seat costs $40,000. In these powerful recordings of The Titan Summit, you will see some of the astonishing game-changers you’ll hear in action, onstage, with incredible amounts of detail and additional information.