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    From Rob about Trifecta 6..

    July 31,2015

    Phoenix, Arizona

    A couple of months ago I was standing in front of 150+ people in Arizona:

    And I had a revelation. Haha.  Not that kind.But seriously … I had one of those moments when you step back and say WHOA!

    Here’s what I realized:

    I know at least 25 people making more than $100,000 a year from trading.And every one of them is happy,travels, does whatever they want,takes great care of their friends & family  …

    BUT … Not one of them sits in front of the screen all day! They aren’t “geniuses”.They aren’t “market wizards.” They are regular dudes (and dudettes)who know what to look for.

    SO … I went back home and rebuilt A TRADING SYSTEM THAT REWARDS LAZINESS. Ha!

    Best part is … it doesn’t matter what you want to trade … stocks, forex, oil,used cars … stuffed animals … (kidding)

    It just matters that you want to make money. And do it with a huge worldwide happy family of traders.And you want to have more free time.

    I call the new trading system Trifecta 6,and it’s the easiest, fastest way to get trading results that I’ve ever made.

    It’s the brand-newest version of Trifecta. And it’s a ton of fun to trade.