Rob Booker – Orlando 2015 Workshop

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    The weekend consisted of Rob and 6 of his trading friends including:

    Rob Booker @robbooker

    Scott Welsh @swelsh66

    Matt LaCoco @mattlacoco

    Jared Johnson @daytradersfx

    Shonn Campbell @FX_Operator

    Nimer Ghazal @fxtigerfx

    Chris Pulver @pulverchris

    Access to anyone one of these traders is remarkable but having access to all of them over a weekend was extraordinary.   The takeaways from the session were too numerous for me to list or go into any detail.

    At a high level, each of the traders has a different trading style, methodologies, time frames, favorite trade setups, financial instruments, etc.   However, regardless of each’s approach to the market and trading, they all agreed on a few principles:  Trade Size and Habits.

    Decide what kind of trader you want to be and stop trying to be everything.

    Be happy with the profit.   No matter how small.