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Welcome to the Process Masterclass. An in-depth online design course for UI/UX design. Learn design thinking and design execution, and increase your value as a designer.

Here’s what you’ll get:

  • Learn an end-to-end design process with me. In this class, we will look at UI/UX design from a holistic point of view. How to think about business objectives. How to use design thinking for user-centered design. How to build design systems. And tips and tricks in various modern design tools to solve problems. Learn from A—Z and compare your process with mine.
  • We learn the fundamentals of design — ideas and concepts that I have used in the last 10+ years and taught to those I’ve mentored. From structure & hierarchy to grids, to typography, to prototyping, to visual design concepts, and more. Great for self-taught designers who want to solidify the fundamentals, or for those just looking for a refresher.