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Here’s what you’ll get:


  • If you want higher-paying freelance clients, you’re going to have to fall in love with the pitching. In this module, I’m going to walk through the many different types of pitching: query letters, LOIs, contests, cold calling, submitting essays, and more.


  • What’s the kind of work available to freelance writers who want to earn a high income and where the heck do you find it? I cover that in this module.

Personal Networks

  • Your personal networks can be a fantastic source of freelance clients. Here’s how to find out who your friends, family, and acquaintances know (and how to get work from them!)


  • Your clients can help you find more clients. This is how. In this module, we will cover three very strategic ways of doing just that.

Your Profiles

  • How to write your profiles on freelance networks and directories so that you attract high-paying work to you. In this module, we’ll cover one-and-done marketing: Do the work once, and have clients coming to you forever.


  • The dreaded word: Networking. Here’s how to make it effective AND fun. (And trust me– it’s more than just going to events. In fact, I share five different strategies in this section.)

Other Writers

  • Community is important, not just for your mental health, but for your financial health as well. In this module, we’ll talk about what to do to find additional clients without pissing off your writer friends.

Be An Expert

  • Being seen as an expert in your field will get you, higher-paying clients. In this module, I will cover eight different ways to become known in your industry and show you how to use that to get clients.

Social Media

  • It’s not as simple as tweeting every now and again or keeping your profiles keyword-rich. You can get very strategic with social media and it can help immensely with getting work.