Matt Cook – P—y Acquisition Formula

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I created this series of three web classes to show you how to re-enter the world of landing beautiful women to date and have sex with. How does it work? It helps you get out there and become super attractive to women by doing what you are comfortable with. No cold approaches, bars, and clubs, or picking up girls in public.

You’ll find the exact secret formulas for finding women who WANT you already, who signal their attraction to you. Three web classes spell it all out Class #1 gives you the most important part — changes your internal brain so that you will pick up these signals effortlessly, and so you’ll give out the attraction signals without even realizing it Class #2 shows you exact step-by-step to get women to approach you, signal you, and what to do when they do. So you’ll go from seeing a woman you want to a first date. We cover how to use online dating in an unusual way, and other means of finding women that don’t demand you be Mr. Twenty-year-old, or have a huge bank balance. Class #3 is all about the first date and where to go from there, in order to either get her to bed or build intimacy if you are looking for a girlfriend or wife. This is a VERY unique class because the focus is on men who are re-entering or re-emerging into the world of “pussy acquisition.” And yes, I chose that name because it is crude but what we guys want.