MarketGauge – Geoff Bysshe – D.A.T.E. Unlock Your Trading DNA Worskshop

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  • Trade with a Plan & Emotional Mastery + Workbooks

    Struggling Traders Are Ignoring It. Successful Traders Have Mastered It. Are You Focused on the Wrong Things? Most traders are so focused on developing their market knowledge that they are missing, or even ignoring the critical objective to becoming a master trader. Market knowledge – the understanding of price patterns, indicators, fundamentals, news, etc. is important (and required), but trading success is not a result of market knowledge! You Want More, But What’s Missing? It is not a secret… or a trading system … or an indicator. Here’s a hint from Webster – “the immediate knowing of something without the conscious use of reasoning”. It is your trading intuition!

    This is real market insight. This is the trader’s instinct you desire! Trading success comes from understanding how to apply market knowledge instinctively! For this reason, to more successful in trading you need to be focused on improving your trading intuition.

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