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Break Free
From The Shackles Of GuesSEO
Discover Kyle Roof’s scientific method that outsmarted Google.
Kyle packaged his techniques into a series of 114 groundbreaking videos that will save you time, get you vastly better results, and change the way you do SEO forever!

Here’s what you get in Kyle’s on-page SEO course

Module 1: The On-Page SEO Formula

Lesson 1:    Keywords
Lesson 2:    The Reverse Silo
Lesson 3:    Silos Continued, Silos within Silos
Lesson 4:    Outlining Your Page
Lesson 5:     Keyword Locations (SEO Signals/Factors)
Lesson 6:    The Four Elements that Impact On Page Rank
Lesson 7:    The Rough and Dirty Approach to On-Page
Lesson 8:    Common Questions at This Stage of The Game
Lesson 9:    The Scientific Approach to SEO
Lesson 10:   Using PageOptimizer Pro

Module 2: The Science behind On-Page SEO Strategy

Lesson 11:    Advanced Outlines and New Factors
Lesson 12:    Using (Mostly) Free Tools
Lesson 13:    Using Adwords to Find Actual Search Terms and Actual Search Volume
Lesson 14:    Using Adwords to Inform SEO Campaigns
Lesson 15:    Finding Actual Click Through Rate  (CTR)
Lesson 16:    Using Correlation Data in SEO
Lesson 17:    More Keyword Research

Module 3: The Third-Party Impact on On-Page Results

Lesson 18:    On-Page SEO Audit
Lesson 19:    Basic Schema
Lesson 20:    Advanced Schema
Lesson 21:    Medic & E-A-T

Module 4: Getting Links to Aid Your On-Page Success

Lesson 22:    KPIs, Benchmarking, Reports
Lesson 23:    How Long Does It Take to Win Keywords?
Lesson 24:    Basic ROI
Lesson 25:    Basic CRO
Lesson 26:    Poking
Lesson 27:    Owning Page One
Lesson 28:    Misc Lessons

And you also get…

114 video tutorials by Kyle & over 7 hours of instruction

Practical sessions and homework for each module

Worksheets and templates you can use in your business

Private chat room for students to talk directly with Kyle

Access to Internet Marketing Gold platform

The solutions to your SEO headaches!

I’ve tried everything and my page ranking still sucks.

It’s probable that you think your page is optimized well, but in actual fact, you’re way off! Did you know that most pages are not over-optimized or under-optimized, but in fact, they are both!
Kyle will show you how to easily identify the areas where your page is not optimized well and how making some simple fixes can quickly affect your ranking position.

I have an outsourced content team. How do I teach them best practice SEO?

It’s the first part of your SEO business that is outsourced, but how do you control the quality? Controlling content quality is one thing, but do you have a training program that ensures the content being delivered is scientifically optimized for maximum traffic gains? If not, purchasing this course for your content team to get up to speed is a must!

My page doesn’t rank for many keywords

Let’s face it, SEO is not about rankings, rankings are vanity metrics, quality traffic growth is what wins at the end of the day and there are 2 ways to go about this, one is rankings, the other is by increasing the number of terms your page ranks for. This is often a far easier way to grow your traffic but is overlooked because until now you haven’t had the right method to achieve this.
Kyle will teach you his method on how to boost the breadth of ranking terms to your page, quickly and painlessly using clusters, LSI, silos, and more.

I feel like I’m flailing around without a clear strategy of what I should be doing

This is a common problem for many SEOs, it becomes a game of trial and error, and without the luxury of single variable testing, you end up lost in a sea of unknowns, not knowing what worked, what had no effect, and what may have sent rankings into a dive.
SEO is never a one size fits all solution and treating it that way is the best way to ensure you never conquer your SERP. Each keyword, each page in each location lives in its own unique competitive environment. Understanding this, and using this knowledge to create your own custom blueprint is what Kyle will teach to give you clarity and break you out of the endless cycle of trial and error SEO.

I spend way too much time and money on link building

One of the best things about conquering your on-page SEO using Kyle’s method is that it can drastically reduce the number of links needed to rank your page. In one example, an SEO competition Kyle entered for the term ‘Rhinoplasty Plano’, Kyle’s site, which ranked position 1 for nearly 3 months (before it was de-indexed by Google. That’s another story), had only 2 links pointing to it, while the site in position 2 had well over 100. Think about it, this gives you a huge advantage and can save you a ton of time and money.