Kim Marshall – The Great Sex Secret

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Kim’s book, The Great Sex Secret, addresses a problem that all heterosexual lovers encounter when they become intimate. Because of the way male and female bodies “interface” during straightforward intercourse, women are often left unsatisfied. Throughout history, one-sided sex has been the norm – male contentment and female frustration. Even today, with our improved understanding of sexual anatomy, many couples are still in the same fix, and the results are well documented: faking, frustration, and all too often, relationship failure.

Kim’s carefully researched and clearly (at times humorously) written book tells what a few fortunate lovers have discovered – and almost never talk about. Chapter 6 is a detailed, straightforward description of three approaches that reliably deliver mutual satisfaction. The Great Sex Secret is a perfect conversation starter for couples who want to find their way to sexual happiness but are having difficulty talking about the details. This book is important because mutual satisfaction during lovemaking – true fulfillment for both partners – really matters, especially in long-term love relationships.

The Great Sex Secret’s table of contents provides an overview of Kim’s argument:

Chapter 1 – Disappointment in the land of Eros: Is there a design flaw?

Chapter 2 – Wham, bam, thank you, Ma’am: The long history of one-sided sex

Chapter 3 – No female orgasm – but he tried

Chapter 4 – Faking it and dealing with it

Chapter 5 – Simultaneous orgasms: are they possible?

Chapter 6 – Three approaches to mutual satisfaction

Chapter 7 – What’s technique got to do with it?

Chapter 8 – Keeping the passion alive in long-term relationships

Chapter 9 – Finding our way to sexual happiness

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