Kam Dhadwar L2ST – 3 Days Intensive Advanced Online Traders Coaching

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    • L2ST 3 Days Intensive Advanced Online Traders Coaching “The First Practical Online Traders Training Course that simplifies the most advanced Trading concepts and takes you step-by-step through applying the theory to actually trading the markets” This is a 3 day Full on Intensive Coaching Programme. Master traders Coach Kam Dhadwar will explain the core of the L2ST Art of Adaptive Trading–Value-Based Day Trading Strategy. There is the nut and bolts that bring together the L2ST Trading methodology. In 3 days Kam will explain and open up what has taken over 10 years to learn and experience. The heart and soul of the L2ST Game Plan! Learn the tools and techniques that he uses to trade profitably each and every day! You will learn: Learn the specific L2ST Learning Strategy that we use to master any market and any trading methodology

      Day 1
      The L2ST Enhanced Learning Process
      Introduction to the L2ST Art Of Adaptive Trading Methodology and Philosophy
      The L2ST 5 Step Trading Game Plan
      Understanding Market Structure:
      – Auction Theory,
      – Market Participants and Behaviours,
      – Understanding Behaviours within Price Action and Value,
      – Stage Analysis,
      – Understanding Market Profile,
      – Practical uses of the Market Profile and Trading different Day Types and formations,
      – Trading Developing Value with the VWAP,
      – Highlighting Intra-day Balance,
      – Price and Value Relationships.

      Day 2
      1. The L2ST Game Plan Step 2 – Identifying High Probability Trade Setups:
      – Highlighting Price and Value-Based Patterns and Setups,
      – Japanese Heikin-Ashi Candlesticks,
      – Fibonacci Support & Resistance Analysis: Retracements and Extensions,
      – Trading Divergences: Volume Breakdown and Delta Divergences.
      2. The L2ST Game Plan Step 3 – Understanding Risk and Reward Potential in Trades
      – The Psychology of Risk
      – Accepting Risk
      – A Simple Risk Management Model
      – Determine Risk in a Trade
      – Identify Potential Rewards in a trade

      Day 3
      The L2ST Philosophy
      The L2ST EDGE
      L2ST Game Plan STEP 4- Confirming Trade Setups with Real-Time Order Flow:
      1. Understanding Pre/Post Trade Supply & Demand,
      2. Reading Pre-Trade Supply and Demand,
      – Reading & Understanding the Order Book,
      – Using the Book to Confirm/Ignore Trades,
      3. Reading Post Trade Supply and Demand,
      – Time & Sales,
      – Market Delta Footprints Revolution,
      – Reading the MD Footprint info.