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About Julian Cole
Julian is a strategy consultant to leading brands (Uber, Facebook, Disney, Apple).
Previously he was the Head of Comms Planning at BBDO & BBH in New York (Bacardi, PlayStation, Google, Mars, Pepsi) where he led a team that won over 50+ Cannes Lions.
What you’ll learn

  • Invest in your brain
    Take control of your career. Expanding your capabilities is key to progressing as a strategist. The Planning Dirty Academy ensures that you are constantly improving your craft.
  • Level up your skills
    Get access to resources that will help you progress as a strategist. Having built two award-winning comms planning departments at BBDO NY and BBH NY, I know what skills are necessary for strategists to keep progressing in their jobs.
  • 3 Pillars of The Academy
    1. Skills
    Recorded webinars where I will be teaching a different skill of the role of a strategist.
    2. Career
    Guidance on career progression, finance, and managing other strategists.
    3. Resources
    Downloadable decks that dramatically save you time in your day-to-day job.