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Here’s what you’ll get:

  • In Module 1, we’ll cover the fundamental building blocks of strategic gifting — so that you’re confident you’re approaching it from the right perspective, and that you know the big reason WHY you’re giving gifts.
  • In Module 2, you’ll identify your key influencers — so that you can plan your future gifting strategy for each of the important people you’d like to thank, and also for influential people you’d like to get to know.
  • In Module 3, you’ll find out how to set a practical and sustainable gift budget — so that you can actively choose to give the best gifts possible while staying in control of the budget, instead of guessing at what your company can afford each time a gifting occasion comes up.
  • In Module 4, you’ll discover exactly how to choose the perfect gift every time — so that it always impresses and delights, no matter who it’s for, and regardless of your budget. (Plus I’ll show you which gifts to avoid, too.)
  • In Module 5, you’ll learn to create effective *long-term* gifting strategies and systems — so that after finding one perfect gift, you don’t get stuck figuring out what to send next time to nurture the relationship further.
  • In Module 6, we’ll discuss your ongoing strategy and next steps in gifting — so that you know what your big goals are, how to achieve them, and exactly what to do along the way.