Jay Kinder and Michael Reese – Rock Star Real Estate Agent Coaching

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Have you taken the leap to become the Rock Star in your marketplace?

In short, it’s our inbox (or a website in this case). We’ve taken everything we’ve done over the last seven years and broken it down into 4 separate impact zones – Business Building, Time Management, Team Building, and Marketing.

Each impact zone has a complete overview of everything we’ve ever done, complete with calls and any applicable forms, documents, and marketing pieces for you to use in your business. You get to implement everything we provide in a systematic, step-by-step manner to start having the business, and life, you’ve always wanted.

Plus, we update the Rock Star Coaching site with new videos and materials on a regular basis to keep your “learning pool” stocked with new information and ideas so that you can maintain the incredible growth you will experience with this platform.


Impact Zone 1 – Business Planning

In this Impact Zone, you get all the tools you need to layout an iron-clad plan for success. You start by looking at your business as if you were a consultant determining how you would present you and your business to prospective buyers and sellers. After that, you go through well-developed and detailed goal, business, and budget planning sessions to ensure that you build your business on a veritable “Rock of Gibraltar”. As well, you get access to the same systems that we use to ensure that our businesses are built for maximum profit and accountability. Before you leave this impact zone, you’ll understand what it takes to recession-proof your business and what makes you the special, Rock Star caliber agent you are already on your way to becoming.

Impact Zone 2 – Time Management

In this Impact Zone, you learn how to maximize your time and get more out of your day than ever before

Impact Zone 3 – Lead Generation

Now that you have the rocketship on the launching pad, it’s time for lift-off. Impact Zone #3 shows you how to CRUSH…and yes, we mean CRUSH, your competition.

Impact Zone 4 – Team Building

Let your plan for world dominance begin. Okay, maybe that’s not your plan, but in this Impact Zone, you get a complete blueprint for recruiting, hiring and managing a team of any size.