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Jason’s achievements so far.
While serving in the military, Jason developed a never-quit attitude, this mindset helped him in both work and life. Jason gained hands-on experience working in the digital marketing departments of Disney, Myspace, and Playboy. He took all he learned from these roles to take the leap and start his own business doing something he was passionate about; local SEO
Why Local SEO? “Every local business starts with a single location, which can eventually grow into a national chain. My passion is to help those businesses grow, and local SEO is an essential part of it.”
Stemming from an analytical background, Jason has always questioned qualitative results and gave preference to quantitative tests. He is the founder of Marketing by Data, a Marketing and SEO consulting firm for corporate and small businesses. In 2019, he has helped generate over $10M for his clients.
He’s been a speaker on the topic of local SEO and digital marketing at SEO Rockstars, Bus Rockstars, and was mentioned on several industry shows and podcasts, such as Search Engine Journal.
As a local SEO master with over a decade of experience driving local domination for clients such as 800 No Cuffs, NRPR Group, BailSmart Bail Bonds, Jason has created the ONLY course you need to get you up to speed on Local SEO for 2020.
From practical on-page and technical SEO to citations and backlinking, all the techniques in this course are the result of 100+ tests Jason and his team have performed over the past 10 years.
In this course, Jason will answer questions such as…

  • How do I get into maps?
    In order to get into Google maps, you will need to set up your Google My Business. We will walk you through everything you need to do in order to set up, verify, and optimize your map listing to get into the top position.
  • How do I reengineer local competitions?
    I will show you what tools I use to find our competitor backlinks, on-site SEO, and what is similar with top-ranking competitors that we can capitalize on.
  • How do I optimize images?
    It is very important to optimize your image which includes naming the file correctly and adding EXIF data. You also want to make sure that you also GEO tag your images in order to help with your local search efforts. We will show you exactly what to do and the tools we use.
  • How do I do the best Local Schema?
    Schema can be difficult and confusing. We will show you exactly what schema to put on a page and also a trick on how to drill down to your particular business.
  • How do I identify the right citations and backlinks?
    Citations and backlinks are a big part of local SEO and need to be done correctly. We will show you how to find what the top competitors have built and how to do it better

Here’s what you get in Jason’s local SEO course

  • Module 1: Website Setup
    Lesson 1:Overview Video
    Lesson 2:Domains
    Lesson 3:Hosting & SSL
    Lesson 4:CDN
    Lesson 5:Marketing Workbook
  • Module 2: Tracking Setup
    Lesson 6:Overview Video
    Lesson 7:Google Analytics
    Lesson 8:Search Console
    Lesson 9:Bing Webmaster Tools
    Lesson 10: Keyword Tracking
  • Module 3: Initial Research
    Lesson 11:Overview Video
    Lesson 12:Keyword Research – Home Page
    Lesson 13:Keyword Research – Service Page
    Lesson 14:Local Search Analysis
    Lesson 15:NAPW & Bus Description
    Lesson 16:Image Optimizations
  • Module 4: Maps Setup
    Lesson 17:Overview Video
    Lesson 18:Google My Business
    Lesson 19:Bing Places
    Lesson 20:Facebook
    Lesson 21: Facebook – Adding locations
    Lesson 22:Apple Maps
  • Module 5: On-Page SEO
    Lesson 23:Overview Video
    Lesson 24:Silos, navigation
    Lesson 25:Taxonomies, archives, permalinks, sitemaps, and indexing
    Lesson 26:On Page Optimizations – Home Page & CRO
    Lesson 27:On Page Optimizations – Service Page
    Lesson 28:PageOptimizer Pro
    Lesson 29:Footer optimization
    Lesson 30:Location page/pages
    Lesson 31:Blogging
    Lesson 32:Schema
    Lesson 33:Open Graph
  • Module 6: Off-Page SEO
    Lesson 34:Overview Video
    Lesson 35:Perfect Spun Content
    Lesson 36:Backlinks
    Lesson 37:Citations
    Lesson 38:Web 2.0
    Lesson 39:Buying links
    Lesson 40:Google Stack
    Lesson 41:Online Branding
    Lesson 42:Microworkers
    Lesson 43:Business Reputation

And you also get…

  • 43 video tutorials by Jason & over 3.5 hours of instruction
  • Practical sessions and homework for each module
  • Worksheets and templates you can use in your business
  • Private chat room for students to talk directly with Jason
  • Access to Internet Marketing Gold platform

This local SEO course is for you if you are…

  • An advanced SEO who wants to stay on top of things for local SEO in 2020 as well as sharpen your tools by learning what to do and how to do it. ​
    You’ve seen and done a lot of SEO yourself but you feel like you are flailing around without a clear structure of what you should be doing first when it comes to optimizing SEO for local businesses?
  • Just getting started with SEO and want to learn local SEO from A to Z.
    In this course, you will learn how to set up your domain, hosting, and website and learn how to find keywords and re-engineer your competition. You will also see how to have perfect on-page and conversion rate optimization, find out how to do technical SEO the right way, and identify the right citations and backlinks. This course will become your local SEO handbook – you can implement the learnings straight away!
  • A new business owner who wants to have a better understanding of local SEO.
    You’re a local business owner/manager, but you don’t know how to optimize your website for the local search? With this all-in-one course, you will be able to put into practice all aspects that define local SEO success and watch your website move to the very top.