Jarratt Davis – Trader Smile Management Training Course

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    This is the full course including training documents and MT4 indicators used by professional trading company Smile Global Management to train their traders.

    Jarratt Davis was ranked second best Forex trader in the world by Barclays from 2008 – 2013.

    In his educational program he shares with you the exact methodology he has used over the years to attain these results and demonstrates how almost anyone can achieve consistent profitability from Forex trading, which in turn leads to being able to make a comfortable living from the Forex markets.



    • Jarratt began as a retail trader just like you
    • He learned to trade from a successful city trader
    • He was himself headhunted into a small Hong Kong hedge fund
    • He is now head of FX at a regulated investment company in the UK
    • He has been ranked the 2nd best performing FX trader in the world since 2008



    Introduction to Financial Markets
    Forex Trading Basics
    The Four Pillars of Successful Forex trading


    Mastering Fundamental Analysis
    Mastering Technical Analysis
    Mastering Risk Management
    Mastering Trading Psychology
    High-Performance Trading
    Trader Mind Fitness
    The Traders Mind
    Managing Emotions
    Trading with the Body in Mind
    Winning and Losing
    How to take your trading to the next level
    Developing Your Trading Process