Idan Gabrieli – Stop Being the Stock Market Plankton!

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Course Description

Many of us at some point in time were thinking, “Wow, I can make more money while trading stocks, options or forex “, and thanks to the internet, it is very simple, just open an internet trading account, transfer some money, but few books on technical analysis or how to to set up some trading robot in 3 steps and…. That’s ALL, now I am ready to make so much money that I am going to be rich and famous in 1 or 2 years 😉

Well, I agree it is sound great but the reality is different, most home investors are losing money. They are the plankton inside the stock market ocean.

I would like to convince you to SAVE your current and future money, valuable TIME and provide you with other better approaches for making MORE income.

In the first section, we will quickly review the main players in the stock market. Next, we will follow the 4 phases that most home investors are going through…

In the third section, we will review all the good reasons why we should stop playing the game of trading, step by step and the last section will be dedicated to providing you with some better alternatives for making more income by creating real value.

What are the requirements?

  • Nothing special will be needed

What am I going to get from this course?

  • Over 29 lectures and 54 mins of content!

  • Who are the main players in the stock market and what they do

  • Understand the main disadvantages of being a home investor

  • Better decide whether to invest in the stock market

  • Find better alternatives for making money

What is the target audience?

  • Home investors

  • Anyone considering investing in the stock market today or in the future