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Here’s what you’ll get:

The Enchanting Copywriting course: Part I
How to write a persuasive sales page the first part of the course, you learn the 4 essential persuasion techniques.

  • Tap into customers’ desires
    Learn the Sunshine Method to writing non-icky sales copy that sells
    Present your customers as the hero in your sales story so their desire to hire you or to buy your product increases
  • Demonstrate the value of your offer
    Balance features and benefits to maximize your persuasiveness (without overpromising)
    Use 3 proven methods to communicate your competitive advantage so you can stop competing on price and charge more
  • Instill trust
    Apply the persuasive power of specificity so readers trust your sales story
    Use 3 types of testimonials as proof (most copywriters get this wrong)
    Avoid the types of words that can undermine your trustworthiness
    Remove barriers
    Quash 4 different types of objections that may torpedo your sales
    Learn how to frame your pricing so people believe your offer is worth its price and press the Buy button more keenly

The Enchanting Copywriting course: Part II
3 templates are included in the copywriting course the second part of this course gives you the tools to compose your sales page so you can communicate your marketing messages clearly.

What you’ll get:

  • 3 templates demonstrate how to structure sales pages for products, services, and courses & books
  • 8 annotated examples show you how the templates work—and how sales pages tap into desires, demonstrate value, overcome barriers, and build trust
  • Detailed guidance on the 6 sections of a sales page so you know exactly what to include:
    The 4W approach to writing headlines and subheadings that captivate new web visitors
    How to write an opening that engages readers emotionally
    How to write heroic bullet points that communicate a ton of persuasive arguments (plus how to use curiosity to get more people to buy)
    The 3 ingredients for a persuasive, concise bio (without sounding arrogant)
    How to write a FAQ section (and how to avoid the mistakes many copywriters make)
    The 5 final steps to a YES!—or how to overcome buyer inertia to get more sales

The Enchanting Copywriting course: Part III
In the third part of this course, you learn the 4-step copywriting process so you can write your page without headaches.

What you’ll get:

  • The pre-copywriting checklist: The two types of information you must gather before you start writing
  • The copy assembly process: How to assemble a persuasive sales page, even if you’re no good with words
  • The 8-point checklist: How to X-ray your copy and ensure it addresses the pain points and desires of your ideal customers, so you can sell more