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HeartWave Meditation™’s unique formula is designed to facilitate opening your heart’s innate compassion and to support you in experiencing:
Calming of the mind
Emotional release
Opening of the heart
Fully feeling one’s feelings
Deeper intuition
Heightened creativity
Your heart’s inmost wisdom & discernment
HeartWave Meditation™ may also benefit:
Profound movie and music experiences
Releasing stress
Heightened physical and mental well-being
Anxiety and depression
Engages the heart and the entire energetic system as a whole, not just the brain.
No danger of emotional overwhelms, as can happen with other technologies, like binaural beats.
Softens negative emotions.
Helps to feel one’s feelings fully, and avoid emotional repression.
Can be used simultaneously with other brainwave entrainment programs, including the Profound        Meditation.

The program significantly amplifies their effects and adds a heart-centered component, without interfering with them.