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Last year, we tested into a video ad format for Facebook that has now driven over in sales for our clients.
The best part? These ads are so simple, you can make them for as little as in a couple of days.
Watch the first module FREE below:

Don’t waste your ad budget guessing. Create EASY ads that bring in more sales–without blowing your budget.

Learn the 15 Ads That Will Change Your Marketing Forever
We know not everyone has hundreds of thousands of dollars to invest in an ad campaign, at least not at first.
And, for those who do have that kind of budget … no one wants to waste money guessing on which ads will work and which won’t.
The Easy Ads that Sell Challenge will walk you step-by-step through creating 15 simple, tested ad formats that have driven over in sales for HB clients.
You can make each of these ads in just a couple of days, for as little as.
You can make some of these ads FROM YOUR COUCH with the footage you already have.
We’ve already spent MILLIONS testing each one of these 15 ad formats, so you don’t have to.

Let’s do this together … Seriously, together.

Here’s will you’ll get:

  • 01. The Explainer Testimonial AD
  • 02. The CJA, TPA, FAQ, & LTA
  • 03. The WHY, GSA & MOTS ssds
  • 04. The OSA, SUA, COMP & EXP
  • 05. The UGC, USE & EXT


  • ​You have a product or service to advertise (yours or your clients), and you want to create simple, low-cost ads that actually work.
  • ​You want to test your ideas, before spending big money on a full-scale, branded ad
  • ​You want a quick and inexpensive way to bring in some sales, so you can scale your business and increase your marketing budget over time
  • ​You’re willing to put in some work – these ads are EASY compared to other ad types, but they don’t create themselves … the good news is, you probably already have most of what you need to create them.
  • ​You’re ready to get started TODAY!


  • ​You don’t want to create ads yourself. This is a DIY course that will help you create some quick wins. For the full-service experience, fill out this form to chat with the HB team. We’d love to create some ads for you.
  • ​You already have too many customers and too many sales. Success can be rough, right?
  • ​You came to this page looking for restaurant delivery (Sorry, that’s the wrong kind of EATS. These EATS stand for “Easy Ads That Sell”).
  • ​You already know exactly what works and doesn’t work for your audience, and you’re already doing it. Great! (But we still think there are things to learn about ever-changing markets and platforms).