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Here’s what you’ll get:

Module 1: Select a Problem to Solve

  • How to nail the balance between what you want to speak about and what clients are willing to pay for
  • How to use the “Speaking Industry Matrix” to determine which industries you’re best positioned to pursue right now (and going forward)
  • The biggest mistakes speakers make when selecting their topic / problem to solve
  • 3 actionable strategies for uncovering topics that events are dying to hire speakers for
  • How to craft a topic / problem (or tweak an existing one) so it that passes all 3 tests of “The Topic Trifecta”

Module 2: Prepare Your Talk

  • The differences between keynotes vs. workshops vs. seminars (including why some pay more than others and which types of content you should prepare for each to maximize your opportunities)
  • How to sell from stage without annoying your client or audience
  • How to create a “menu” of presentations that will open up your core topic to a greater number of audiences and events (with specific examples)
  • How to write simple, one-paragraph descriptions of your presentations that will instantly capture the attention of decision makers and event organizers
  • How to craft a topic / problem (or tweak an existing one) so it that passes all 3 tests of “The Topic Trifecta”All the nitty gritty details on what makes a great talk vs. a mediocre one (including structure, when you should and shouldn’t use slides, how to customize 5-10% of your talk to make it fit different settings, and more)

Module 3: Establish Your Expert

  • How to create a speaker website that will wow your prospects (even if you have no techskills and little to no budget)
  • The 6 elements your website MUST have if you want clients to take you seriously (and how to quickly create each of them)
  • What prospects DO and DON’T want to see in your demo video
  • How to shoot and edit a killer demo video even if you have no footage of yourself speaking, no fancy equipment, and no video skills
  • All the tools and resources you can use to get professional-quality marketing and branding material at a fraction of the typical cost (and sometimes even free)

Module 4: Acquire Paid Speaking Gigs

  • How to turn Google into a lead generation machine for ideal speaking gigs
  • How to generate quality referrals from other speakers in your industry/niche
  • How to get a spot in a speaker showcase and maximize the number of opportunities it generates
  • 3 easy ways to generate new referrals every time you speak
  • How to email prospective speaking clients without sounding awkward or pushy (I walk you through REAL examples from actual emails that you can customize for your own outreach)
  • When you SHOULD and SHOULDN’T speak for free (and how to leverage your free speaking gigs into paid ones)
  • Everything you’ve always wanted to know about speaking fees (including what you should charge, what you can expect to make if you’re newer to speaking, and the earning potential of each major industry)
  • How to create a fee structure with different options/packages (and why you should always do this instead of just quoting one fee)
  • Exactly what your speaking contract should look like (and why you should always call it an “agreement” instead of a “contract”)
  • The one follow-up email you should always send after quoting your fee to a prospect (this alone will increase your close rate)
  • How and when to negotiate your fee
  • Everything you should (and shouldn’t) say during client phone calls if you want to start hearing “yes” more often

Module 5: Know When to Scale

  • How to generate additional revenue from speaking opportunities by selling services, products, or promotional opportunities to your clients
  • Finance 101 for a 6-Figure Speaking Business: You’ll get an inside look at how to manage your cash flow, avoid costly tax mistakes, and properly structure your business
  • The risk-free formula for transitioning to full-time speaking (so you know when and how to make the transition without jeopardizing your finances)
  • How to achieve Road Warrior Status (AKA my exact system for having the easiest and least stressful travel experience possible—you’ll learn everything from what to avoid when booking travel to how to maximize rewards points and more)
  • The truth about Speaker Bureaus—what they are, what they aren’t, and how to determine if they’re a good fit for you

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