Google Sheets Bootcamp

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 Google Sheets Bootcamp


Are you drowning in data, but not using it to make better decisions?

Do you run a small business and want to use your data to inform your strategy?

Has your business migrated from Excel to Google Sheets, and you’re looking to further your skills?

Learn how to leverage the full power of Google Sheets to make data-driven decisions.

This bundle includes these three premium courses for $349:

  1. Data Cleaning in Google Sheets
  2. Data Analysis with Google Sheets
  3. Build Dashboards With Google Sheets and Data Studio

The retail price for these three courses is $497 ($99, $199 and $199 respectively), so this bundle represents outstanding value for your Google Sheets training needs.

Included in the Google Sheets Bootcamp course bundle:


✅ Three premium online courses

✅ Actionable, bite-size 5 – 10-minute video lessons teaching key topics

✅ Copies of all the raw datasets for you to follow along

✅ Copies of all the solution templates for your own use

✅ Access to the private course Facebook group for Q&A

✅ Certificate upon completion

Ok Google Sheet geeks! Here are the details of what you get in this Bootcamp:

📚 3 courses | 146 videos | 46 templates

Each 5 – 10-minute video breaks down a particular topic in Google Sheets, and allows for quick referencing in the future. You can watch them in any order you like, spread them over a few weeks or months, or even binge-watch them all today if you like!

Course 1: Data Cleaning in Google Sheets

  • What is data cleaning and why is it important?
  • Best practices for working with data in Google Sheets
  • Formulas covering common scenarios when working with data in Google Sheets
  • Tips and tricks, such as shortcut keys, to make your workflow more efficient
  • Professional techniques for creating clean, orderly data sets for your analysis
  • Two in-depth case studies that show all these techniques together, in the wider context of a real-world problem

Course 2: Data Analysis with Google Sheets

  • Understand and describe what your data tells you
  • Predict what things might look like in the future
  • Understand your customers to better serve them
  • Discover what factors affect your business
  • Best practices for doing all of this…and much, much more!
  • TOPICS INCLUDE: Data Analysis framework, measuring data, hypothesis testing, correlation, linear regression, time series analysis, customer lifetime value, churn, retention and cohort analysis

Course 3: Build Dashboards With Google Sheets

  • Understand what dashboards are and why they’re so valuable
  • Have the confidence to build your own dashboards with your own datasets, in Google Sheets
  • Know what to include in your dashboards to maximize their impact
  • Have the technical skills to manage advanced dashboard projects without feeling overwhelmed
  • Create interactive dashboards, so colleagues and clients can view the data they want to see
  • Understand and use best practices in Google Sheets, to avoid making the same mistakes I made
  • Be confident using advanced formulas and pivot tables
  • Use Apps Script to automate processes and make your dashboards work for you!

Additional Resources you get with the Google Sheets Bootcamp:

💡 Access to the private course Facebook group

Your enrollment is backed up with support.

There’s a private Facebook group for students, where you can ask questions, share your insights and knowledge, share your wins, and connect with other students.

I’ll be hanging out there to answer your questions.

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💡 Lifetime access to the courses

Your enrollment in the Google Sheets Bootcamp course bundle comes with lifetime access to the materials.

That way you can take a break from the material if you’re out of town, on vacation, or just swamped for a few days.

Interruptions happen, and your course videos will ALWAYS be here for you when you’re ready. This lifetime access also includes all future updates and upgrades at no extra charge.

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This is my way of ensuring the Google Sheets Bootcamp course bundle remains an excellent long-term investment for you and your business.

💡 Certificate of Completion

Want to show off your newly acquired skills?

You’ll automatically get a certificate upon completing the course, which you can share or post on Linkedin.

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Your Instructor

Ben Collins
Ben Collins

Who’s teaching the course?

Hi, I’m Ben Collins!

I’m an experienced data analytics instructor and freelance spreadsheet developer, helping businesses better understand their data through analytical insights and visualizations, including dashboards.

I work primarily with Google Sheets, Apps Script and Data Studio, and also have extensive experience with Excel, SQL, and Tableau. I’ve previously taught data courses and workshops for General Assembly in Washington, D.C.

In early 2019, Google recognized me as a Google Developer Expert for G Suite Technology, one of only a small number worldwide