George A. Fontanills, Tom Gentile – Stock Options Trading Seminar Optionetics!

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Author, educator, and money manager magnate, George Fontanills has developed a series of low-stress trading techniques that will empower you to systematically approach the markets. Learn how to intelligently combine options to maximize profits and minimize risk.

CD1 Introduction to stocks and stock options trading (George A. Fontanills)
CD2 Introduction to stocks and stock options trading continued (George A. Fontanills)
CD3 Beyond the Basics (Tom Gentile)
CD4 Beyond the Basics continued (Tom Gentile)
CD5 High-profit low-risk debit spreads (Tom Gentile)
CD6 High-profit low-risk debit spreads continued (Tom Gentile)
CD7 Directional trading for instant success (George A. Fontanills)
CD8 Directional trading for instance success continued (George A. Fontanills)
CD9 Starting the trading day, and ratio back spreads (George A. Fontanills)
CD10 Ratio back spreads and the 5 minutes success formula (George A. Fontanills)
CD11 Trading the Markets (George A. Fontanills & Tom Gentile)
CD12 Straddle the Markets (George A. Fontanills & Tom Gentile)
CD13 Tracking the sideways Market (George A. Fontanills & Tom Gentile)
CD14 Tracking the sideways Market continued (George A. Fontanills & Tom Gentile)
CD15 Protecting your portfolio with collars (George A. Fontanills & Tom Gentile)

 This comprehensive 15 cd training course will explain not only the basics but the intricate ins and outs of stock trading. There is no other study course as thorough.