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  • 5 years ago there were far fewer businesses offering Facebook advertising services…
    As the competition increased, we knew things were changing and we had to come up with a solution.
    So we got to work and started experimenting with dozens of new client acquisition strategies.
    We also got together with a number of other successful Facebook ads agency owners to establish best practices for generating high-quality leads for our Facebook advertising services.
    When we were finished, we had developed a simple, easy to follow 12-step plan.

    Here what you’ll get :

    • TWO highly effective, reliable and scalable lead generation strategies. (I show you exactly how we implement them including the ads, landing pages, scheduling software, etc. that we use)
    • How to use Facebook ads to generate Facebook ads agency leads (no-one teaches this, but it works INCREDIBLY well when you know how)
    • Exactly what to say to prospects when you do speak to them. (It’s critical that you deliver VALUE, demonstrate your EXPERTISE, properly explain your services and then establish a FOLLOW UP process)
    • A super easy-to-implement client acquisition strategy that takes advantage of assets you ALREADY have.
    • The best way to significantly improve lead quality and avoid wasting your time with unqualified prospects.
    • How to generate interest in your Facebook advertising services from local businesses (raising your profile locally can have a massive impact on your agency)
    • The minimum fee you should charge for Facebook advertising services and how to structure your client work.
    • Success metrics, KPIs and what to expect.
    • Client acquisition psychology (the more successful you become, the more important this is)
    • How to ensure you deliver fantastic results for your clients once they sign up for your services. (This is key for client RETENTION and growing a sustainable and profitable Facebook Ads Agency)
    • The automated systems you need to NEVER have to worry about generating leads for your agency again.
    • How to take these client acquisition strategies and SUPER-CHARGE them so that you can scale your Facebook Ads Agency to 7 figures and beyond…

    Sale Page: https://www.leadguru.co.uk/agency-clients-masterclass/
    Facebook Ads Agency Client Acquisition Masterclass