Ezeetrader – Divergent Swing Trading

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  • Divergent Swing trading is here!

    This is our first new product launch in 18 months and it's going to bring some powerful trading tools together.

    As I write this, Charlie is currently in a trade where he’s up 1:25 risk to reward!

    Just think, how many people get to take trades with that incredible risk/reward ratio?

    The brand new Divergent Swing Trading product shows you how to find great risk/reward trades. Granted they’re not all 1:25 trades as those don’t come along all the time, but nevertheless, Charlie shows you how to find great trades with this simple methodology.

    Here are some of the benefits of Divergent Swing Trading (DST);

    • You don’t need special charts, even broker's free charting software is fine.

    • Charlie teaches you over 2 hours of material showing you how to specifically look for these particular types of trades.

    • He even covers the use of hedging tactics plus shows a live example of a hedge he takes on the day of recording.

    • DST is applicable for both swing AND day traders as it can be applied to both end-of-day or intra-day charts.

    • You will learn the techniques so you don’t need to have huge stop losses plus you will benefit from strong risk/reward profiles.

    • Charlie also covers his approach to trader mindset so that you can write this into your trade plan.

    • You will receive all this material on CD-ROM.

    So you will learn;

    1. How to get excellent entry points.

    2. How to identify a DST set up and execute.

    3. How to hedge at specific times (although you don’t have to).

    4. All this using just price action and a few simple indicators

    If you’re wanting to add to your trading skills, this is an absolute necessity.