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In this course you’ll learn how to create from the depths of Being, empowered by the creative intelligence of the universe.

Here’s what you’ll get:

8 Weeks of Conscious Manifestation Training
Join Eckhart Tolle for an unprecedented online training designed to teach you to align with the ultimate source of creativity. Manifestation is about influencing your external circumstances by changing your state of consciousness. We all manifest. The only question is: how are you doing it? In this eight-week training, Eckhart will bring you on a journey into the fundamental components of creation: how to manifest powerfully without strain or urgency, how to discover your deep purpose, how to cocreate with the universe, and how to fulfill your highest purpose in life for the service of humanity.

  • MODULE 1: The Primary Importance of Realizing the “Deep I”
  • MODULE 2: Inviting Universal Intelligence to Work Through You
  • MODULE 3: The Tools of Conscious Manifestation
  • MODULE 4: Q&A Session with Eckhart Tolle
  • MODULE 5: Physical Health and Conscious Relationships
  • MODULE 6: Growing Through Your Challenges and Learning to Let Go
  • MODULE 7: Q&A Session with Eckhart Tolle
  • MODULE 8: Acknowledging the Good and Being a Light in the World

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