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Here you”ll get:

  • Reading the waves of the market
  • A little-practiced method that keeps you on the right side of the market
  • Shortening of the Thrust – highly reliable and easy to see ‘market tell’ that the trend is about to change
  • Clustering of Closes 
  • Market behavior that occurs in certain areas that market the end of a move
  • How to read buying and selling in the price bars
  • Understanding demand and supply 
  • These are the only things that move the market
  • The significance of high volume 
  • This tells the pro trader whether a trend will continue or abort
  • Major indications of strength as they appear on the chart
  • Showing demand has come in or supply has dried up and extremely helpful in knowing what to anticipate next
  • Major indications of weakness showing selling has come into the market and sellers are taking control
  • How to integrate market structure with price bar and volume characteristics as well as the major signs of strength and weakness
  • Absorption of supply 
  • What it is, where to find it, and how to assess it. Absorption tells us in advance that higher prices are yet to come
  • Several important principles of price behavior
  • These are market ‘laws’ that precede price action and give you a heads up on where some of the best trades can be made.
  • A map of the market that gives you a strong model showing you where to find the best trade setups. This is kept on every graduate’s trading desk and
  • is their road map of the market and choice trade setup location
  • How to create reliable trade setups 
  • we take all that has been learned and bring it into focus with a clear, complete format on how to create trade
  • setups for yourself. This isn’t like you read in all the trading books. It is a complete description of the trade setup with clear guidelines on the market
  • structure you are looking for plus clear trade management components
  • Several high odds trade setups are shown with all the details, including the vital market structure conditions we look for in making these profitable trades
  • How to develop mastery in your trading 
  • we give you the specific steps based on 35+ years of scientific research into excellence and mastery and
  • show you how to apply this to your chart reading and trading skill development.

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Dr.Gary Dayton – Chart Reading Mastery