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  • 28 Day Podcast Profit LAB™

    • 28 Day Launch Roadmap & Monetization Strategy ($2000 value)
    • [40 HOURS] of recorded DAILY Group and Q&A Coaching Calls ($3500 value)
    • ​High Profile Guest Outreach Masterclass ($597 value)
    • 12 Month Content Creation Guides & Template ($400 value)
    • ​Ultimate Podcast Intro & Outro Creation ($250 value)
    • Podcast Branding Expert Masterclass & Templates ($500 value)
    • ​Podcast Publicity Sheet Template + Guided Setup ($250 value)
    • BONUS: ‘Podcast Sales Secrets’ Sales Process ($2000 value)
    • BONUS: Customizable Podcast Blog ($500 value)

    What We’ll Accomplish:
    Week 1: Mastering Your Podcast Strategy & Nailing a Successful Brand
    Through daily coaching calls we guide you through the process of aligning your messaging and content to deliver amazing value & attract your perfect listener.
    We help you get comfortable in your own skin behind the microphone & help you create an amazing show outline & script so you know exactly what to communicate to your ideal listener in your Intro.

    • What We’ll Accomplish:
      Building Your Radio Persona Session
      Record Your Trailer Episode
      Schedule Your Podcast PRESS Tour
      Your Listener Avatar Walkthrough
      Create Your Show Identity
      Outline Your Publicity Sheet
      Write Your Intro Script + Music Selection
      Guest Outreach Templates
      Your BOLD Brand Identity
    • Done For You:
      Done For You Publicity Sheet Landing Page
      Done For You Cover Art
      Done For You Podcast Intro
      Done For You Podcast Outro

    Week 2: Content Planning, Content Creation & The LAB LAUNCH Strategy
    Our team will get started preparing all of the technical parts of your podcast so you can focus on the creation process.
    We will help you outline and structure your content & get you setup with your 12-Month content creation guide.
    We’ll give you all the guidance & resources you need to start batching your content creation & designing a podcast launch using The LAB LAUNCH Strategy.
    You’ll be given our High Profile Guest Outreach Masterclass along with email + messaging templates to land your ideal guests and keep your podcasting growing strong.

    • What We’ll Accomplish:
      The LAB Launch Strategy
      12-Month Content Creation Guide
      Batch Your Episodes & Episode Structure
      Record Open & Close Episode Loops
      Begin Guest Outreach
      Basic Podcast Editing Training
      Show Notes Guide + Template
      Episode Title Hook Training
      Uploaded Your Episodes
    • Done For You:
      All Podcast Hosting Technical Setup
      iTunes, Spotify, & Google Syndication Setup

    Week 3: Podcast Launch Week & ‘Podcast Sales Secrets’
    Our LAB Launch Strategy enables your podcast to been seen by your ideal listener in it’s first few weeks. The aim is to help you reach a wide audience, rank on
    iTunes New & Noteworthy, and simultaneously begin building up a strong subscriber base of podcast fans that will support & share your episodes.
    Your Launch week is all about maximising your exposure online. This includes going live/posting/promotion every day.
    By following the steps outlined, you’ll be able to ‘Hype’ your product launch and get your audience rushing to your podcast on launch day. We will also work with you during launch week to maximise your exposure.
    The Biggest Part of this whole product launch is contained inside this week, ‘Podcast Sales Secrets’. We’ll outline the EXACT approach you should follow to get 10-20 Red Hot leads coming into your pipeline every single month.
    This approach allows you to interview your ideal customers on your Podcast, and walk away from the interview with amazing content & the EXACT steps you should follow to close the sale.

    • What We’ll Accomplish:
      Recorded Your Launch Day Content
      Implemented the Hypest-Hype Strategy
      Finish Recording Content For Launch Week
      Schedule Your First Week’s Episodes
      Create Your Day 1 Review Launch Team
      Podcast Sales Secrets Method
      Sales Podcast Interview Outline Guide
      Target Customer Attraction Method
      Launch Your Podcast!

    Week 4: Grow & Scale | 100 Day Strategy For Success
    We outline the core strategies you need to create continued growth & exposure for your podcast. Now that your show is live, we’ll also show you how to turn your hard-work into consistent leads for your business.
    We show you how to implement key systems for managing your podcast & Include Open Mic Q&A to cover any other questions or queries you may have.
    The final piece of the puzzle we help you unlock is the psychology behind the sale. We show you how to talk to your prospects about your opportunity, how to open up your guests to talk about their pain points & challenges and how to structure your sales pitch so your prospects say YES… all without sounding “salesy”.

    • What We’ll Accomplish:
      Unlock The Growth Strategies for Your Future Success
      System for Creating Consistent Leads For Your Business
      Systems for Success – How to Automate Important Tasks
      ​Two Days of Intense Q&A and Group Deep Dives
      ​Sales Structure Psychological Training
      ​Access Pain Point + Challenge Question Sheet

    The Curriculum

    • ​Video 1 – Why Guests Aren’t as Hard to Reach As You Think
    • ​Video 2 – How to Use Online Tools To Find Your Ideal Guests
    • ​Video 3 – Facebook Audio Note Method
    • ​Video 4 – ‘Ol Fashioned Email Method
    • Video 5 – The Linked-In Email Method
    • Video 6 – The ‘Trojan Horse’ Method
    • Video 7 – The Instagram Story Message Method
    • Video 8 – The ‘Lumpy Mail’ Method
    • Video 9 – The ‘Cartoon’ Personalized Postcard Method
    • Video 10 – The Audacious Exposure Method

    Sale Page: https://www.thepodcastjunkie.com/optin-28740117
    Jamie Atkinson – 28 Days Podcast Profit Lab