Larry McMillan – New Option Strategy Course

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    The most important investment you make in your trading future

    Larry McMillan is one of the most respected and highly sought-after educators in the finance industry. Generations of floor traders have cut their teeth on his books. Providing an in-depth look at methods developed over years of trading experience—all bundled together in a six-hour workshop—this updated course on options strategies offers you a rare opportunity to learn directly from the source the strategies and tactics McMillan has employed to amass a fortune trading options.

    • More than six hours of live presentation from one of the most respected authorities in options
    • Provides detailed insight on using the VIX to predict explosive buy signals, along with proven tactics for using volatility futures to hedge against risk in your stock portfolio
    • Features expert advice and guidance on money management strategies that allow you to dial in on the optimal trade size, along with tips on insulating your account against costly mistakes
    • Offers a unique opportunity to profit a legendary trader’s hard-won wisdom on speculative buying, covered calls, straddle buying, calendar spread, naked options credit spreads, and much more
    • Updated with current examples and applications and nearly two hundred new pages in the manual, this bestselling options course is now more powerful than ever