Dan Sheridan – 8 Successful Iron Condor Methodologies

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  • Learn the 8 most successful Iron Condors methodologies from within Dan’s community.

    In this class, Dan Sheridan shares with you how he constructs, trades, and manages 8 of the most successful Iron Condor Methodologies.

    Detailed Class Content

    Class #1: Short Strangle Alternative in SPX with Dan

    00:1- Introduction of the class and the class page

    00:4- Short Strangle explanation and discussion of Karen the Super Trader and how she trades strangles, I explain the strategy in detail.

    24:45- Case study going over 3-4 examples of this strategy.

    56:40- Example of this strategy during the August Correction.

    1:12- Final Comments and Q and A

    1:21- End

    Class #2: Conventional 43 Day Iron Condor with Adjustments with Dan

    1- Intro

    2:05- Class Page

    4:30- Couple notes and quick review about Class #1 where I discussed an alternative strategy to a Naked Strangle.

    15:15- Conventional 43 Day Iron Condor in SPX- Explaining the strategy ad guidelines

    51:20- 2 examples of this strategy where I had to make an upside adjustment

    1:17- Example of this strategy during the August correction. In this example, we show you how to adjust the downside.

    1:37- End

    Class #3: Equidistant Iron Condor and also 10 Day Iron Condor with Insurance with Dan

    1- Intro and presentation slides for today’s Iron Condor Methodologies

    4:06- Which Iron Condor is best for me?

    11:18- Equidistant Iron Condor (Print slides from Class Page to follow along)

    59:30- Shorty SPX Iron Condors with Insurance (Print slides from Class Page to follow along)

    1:28:50- Portillo’s Trading Challenge from Dan

    1:34 – End

    Class #4: Asymmetrical Condors with Jay Bailey

    2:00– Begin Powerpoint Slides

    2:30– Agenda

    4:00– Good and bad points of a Traditional Condor

    11:00– Concepts of the Asymmetrical Condor

    16:00– Setup of the Asymmetrical

    21:00– Hedging the downside with a put debit spread

    26:00– Trade Guidelines

    31:00– Upside Adjustments

    35:20– Downside Adjustments

    36:30– Real Example Trade

    44:00– Lower Margin Version (Low Prob)

    45:45– Example Low Prob

    60:00– End

    Class #5: Low Probability Iron Condor with Mark Fenton

    0:00- Introduction

    2:00- Begin PowerPoint presentation, Why trade an iron condor?

    7:30- What is a low prob condor?

    13:00- When do I use a low prob condor

    17:00- 1 adjustment low prob condor set up and plan

    27:30- First example trade

    34:00- Second example trade

    37:30- Third example trade

    42:00- Fourth example trade

    58:00- Q&A

    67:10- End

    Class #6: Put Credit Spread in RUT with a Specific Risk Management Plan

    1- Intro and outline for today’s class

    1:2- 30 Day RUT Put credit spread

    2:45- Two reasons I am talking about a Put Credit Spread in RUT during an Iron Condor Class?

    6:00- Question to students: What type of day are you looking for to enter put credit spreads?

    6:30- My guidelines for this trade?

    10:30 – Description of the 2 Risk Management methodologies I did on RUT put credit spreads?

    11:42- #1 Risk Management Methodology and Plan for Put Credit Spreads with no adjustments.

    19:10 – #2 Risk Management Methodology and Plan for Put Credit Spreads, rolling the put side when

    RUT moves against us. (Dan goes over multiple examples of this methodology.)

    Just over 1hour – END

    Class #7: SPX Weekly Iron Condor with Dan

    6:30- Analysis of increased Implied Volatility into Fed Announcement

    6:30- Weekly SPX Iron Condor Guidelines and summary of Case Study

    29:20- Multiple examples of this strategy

    50:34- END

    Class #8: Recap with Dan