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Welcome to this new Muscle-up program where I will teach you to step by step how to achieve this challenging skill. Most of us when thinking about calisthenics have Muscle up on the goals list! Yet not many of us know how to finally get over the bar.

When it comes to my experience with this skill I was able to achieve it just after a few months of my calisthenics journey, although as a beginner I’ve made a lot of mistakes that I want you to avoid when taking your first steps in Muscle-up training. The main reason why this skill practice may be dangerous and risky when it comes to injuries is that people try to achieve it too fast without enough strength preparation. This usually ends in attempts that put a lot of stress on your rotator cuff and elbows (too weak pulling strength compensated by attempting to get over the bar by the one arm then adding second).

Because of the different strength levels that each of you represents I decided to divide this program into 3 microcycles that consist of:

  • Muscle-up conditioning program

  • Muscle-up program

  • Clean your Muscle-up program

Muscle up conditioning program is for all of you that feel too weak to start Muscle up program. In this phase of programming you will be working on improving your pulling and pushing strength along with proper tendons and muscles preparation for more demanding exercises you will find in Muscle up program. This routine should be followed for at least 6 weeks note it can be followed for longer time if you implement deload week after each 6 weeks!

Muscle-up program – In this program, I included a bit more demanding exercises where the goal is to get you over the bar. We are going to use different exercises with the goal of reaching high pull up that are necessary to achieve Muscle-up, along with this we are going to work for the right technique.

Clean your Muscle-up program – This is the last but not least phase of my programming. This is for everyone who was able to achieve his first Muscle up with some kipping and would love to improve on it by achieving the perfect form of this skill! In the program, you will find my favorite exercises that will let you improve your pulling strength even more! Keep in mind that this time instead of getting more and more repetitions we are going to focus on the right form and cleaning your movement striving for perfection!

Are you ready?

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