BadBoy – How to Be a Badboy

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Badboys are often considered cocky jerks. But, they anyway seem to be a chick magnet. Girls love this kind of man – they are masculine, strong, confident, they are FUN. But, remember this – being a ‘bad boy’ is not the same as being a bad guy. It’s about respecting yourself. How to be Badboy is simply placing your needs above her needs!

Nice guys are focused on pleasing a girl’s needs, doing everything she wants while forgetting their own needs. Badboys are focused on themselves. First, they satisfy their needs and then they reward a woman (if she behaved according to their needs and standards). Nice guys give everything away too easily (their time, their respect, body, money), but how to be Badboy is to put more of a  challenge,  fun, to be interesting, full of life, a tease… Badboys are hard to get. The biggest difference between nice guys and bad boys is: A nice guy needs her attention, needs her, while Badboy DO NOT NEED HER.

Badboy can walk away any moment from her and replace her with a better girl. That’s why girls are chasing bad boysThis is how to be Badboy:  you have to implement this thing in your Game/ Personality that will make girls call you a “Badboy”

In this course, you will learn key mindsets that you need to have for being a Badboy that girls truly desire. You will also learn tricks and hacks to make girls fantasize about you.

You will learn:

    How to become a true Badboy

    How to stop caring what others think and feel

    How to stop being a nice guy

    How to get girls paying for you