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What is Your First Memory – Katrina’s first memory is spilling a cup of coffee on herself and getting burned. Tony helps her recover the memories of how much her mother loved her and still does. That love gives her strength and self-confidence.

What is Life About?Barbara needs to be in control of everything and everyone, including her teenage daughter. Tony helps her to be able to let go knowing that some things are out of one’s control and so frees Barbara to enjoy her life better.

Bringing Out the Masculine – Liam expresses that he’s not fully in his masculine. Tony helps him to step into his masculine side and Liam proposes to his girlfriend who is present at the event.

Jonathan the Tiger – Tony helps Jonathan to bring out his passion and determination and Jonathan is able to get away from his father’s domination and criticism.

Overcoming Physical Limitations – Rain is a young woman with physical deformities who told Tony she was suicidal. Mohamed is a blind young man from Spain. Tony worked with both of them at the same time with the result that Mohamed went on to become a winning Olympic swimmer and is now fluent in English, and Rain is coaching young women with low self-esteem.

The ADHD Identity – Jenn’s identity was tied up with her adult ADHD diagnosis. She was on medications and she had put her two sons on medications also for the same diagnoses. Needless to say, the medications didn’t make anyone better and they had bad side effects that required more medications. Tony guided Jenn to see that this was not her identity, nor that of the children and she decided to take everyone off medications with the guidance of their physician.