Anthony Robbins – Date with Destiny Arizona 2007 Seminar Manual

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 Anthony Robbins – Date with Destiny Arizona 2007 Seminar Manual

Anthony Robbins

Date with Destiny Arizona 2007 Seminar Manual

This item is a manual from the Mastery University program Date With Destiny, from December
2007. (Copyright is listed as 1999 and Updated in January 2007. The cover says “Arizona 2007”) It is a
spiral-bound book over 1/2 inch thick – 228 pages of the most in-depth information Tony teaches on
creating the psychology within yourself to achieve your dreams. The seminar from which this manual
came sells for over $4,000! While there is nothing to compare with the total immersion of being in a
live seminar event, especially with Tony Robbins, this manual contains information that if
implemented consistently, can certainly change the quality of your life beyond the monetary
investment you made in the book!


Your Foundation for Creating a Life of Meaning
Decisions & Destiny: The three Levels of Impact
The Six Human Needs
The Triad
Doing Emotions: Train Yourself to Feel Good
Choices Exercise
EMOTIONS & MEANING: The Key Patterns of Your Life
The 7 Elements of a Story
Primary Questions
The Consequences of Incantations
DISCOVERY: Your Current Roadmap to Pleasure or Pain
Eight Levels of Consciousness
Discovering Your Present Values & Rules
Goal Setting: Creating a Compelling Future
PASSIONATE RELATIONSHIPS: Your Greatest Source of Ful×llment & Love
The Keys to Lasting Passion & Love
The Power of Polarity: Owning Your Sexual Essence
Your Vision for Your Ideal Relationship
TRANSFORMATION: Designing a Life of Lasting Ful×llment
Create Your New Values & Rules
Mission Statement
INTEGRATION: Conditioning Your Magni×cent Future
The Integrations Process
Moving Away From Values
Creating the 7th Power
Summary of Questions for Eliciting Your Path of Meaning
Skill Sessions
Capture & Journal Pages


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