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Course Breakdown

  • DAY 1

    The Art of Leadership 
    An introduction to exactly what it is that makes a leader and a review of the 6 historical philosophies of the human psyche.

  • DAY 2

    Overview of the 7 Master Steps
    Learn what the master steps are and how, once you master this process, you can apply them to influence and inspire others both personally and professionally.

  • DAY 3

    Understand and Appreciate Their World
    Before you can move others to action, you must first understand what drives them, including their needs, fears, values, and the rules they live by. Discover the strategy of genuine connection and how it can be used to close deals.

  • DAY 4

    Get Leverage
    Discover the method that Tony uses to get leverage with others, including the 3 keys to framing and how to uncover each person’s emotional threshold for change.

  • DAY 5

    Interrupt the Pattern
    The first step to enacting change is breaking someone’s patterns. Using personal experiences with clients, Tony demonstrates how to shatter harmful patterns they’ve been using for years and replace them with empowering ones.

  • DAY 6

    Define the Problem in Solvable Terms
    Problems can seem overwhelming when seen all at once. Learn how to break down any problem into smaller, addressable parts, and how to redefine it so it’s more approachable.

  • DAY 7

    Create Empowering Alternatives
    Identify the disempowering ways a person is meeting their needs, then help them see clearly how they can meet those same needs in a way that has both short-term and long-term rewards.

  • DAY 8

    Condition It
    Now that you’ve identified an empowering alternative, you have to make sure it lasts. Tony demonstrates how to anchor a change and reinforce it for lasting impact.

  • DAY 9

    Create an Empowering Environment
    Discover the psychology Tony uses to raise people’s standards, the power of a peer group, and how to create a supportive environment that catalyzes positive change.

  • DAY 10

    Expanding Your Breadth and Depth of Leadership
    Using everything you’ve learned, identify where you are as a leader and how you can use your strengths to affect change in any person and in any environment.