Anik Singal Facebook Ads Academy Training Course Social Media Videos Guide 2019

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Anik Singal - Facebook Ads Academy 

Complete Video Training Course Includes All Bonus Content - Plus PDF & Updates


I’m Ready To Start! I Want To Learn & Master How To Drive a Boat-Load Of Profitable Traffic From Facebook!

Anik Singal

Here’s What you GET

#1 Training & Full System Tested, Proven, Step-By-Step: 3 Years of Experience $13 Million in Sales – Never Released System!


  • FULL Video-Based Training – Step-By-Step – Master FB Advertising.

  • Case Studies & LIVE Examples – Watch The Entire System Being Implemented.

  • FB LEGEND Access – Interviews with the Greatest in Paid Advertising!  

#2 Community of Facebook Advertising Specialists: Collaboration, Networking, Mentorship – Set Yourself Up For Success!

  • 24/7 Feedback & Help – Access To Our Top Students and Coaches!

  • World-Wide Access To Top Experts – We’re Bringing Experts From ALL Over The World.

  • Networking & Masterminding – Power Groups to Mastermind & Network With!


#3 Industry-Recognized Certification: The Prime Certification For Facebook Advertising – Industry Leader!

  • Grow Your Campaigns Incredibly Fast – Truly Master Facebook Ads!

  • Get Hired To Create Instant Income – Help Others Sell Their Product Using The 3-Step System!

  • Become a Pioneer Leader in Facebook Advertising – Instant Recognition World-Wide as a Pioneer!

BONUS #1 Facebook Ad Swipes Copy & Paste The Ads That Helped Me Get 300% ROI – Over and Over!

  • 300% ROI Ads – Copy & Paste The Exact Ads That Gave Me 3x Return On Investment!

  • Images AND Videos – I’m BARING It All! All The Top Performing Creatives I’ve Created So Far…

  • Dark Post Ads Included – Simply Swipe My Best Converting Ads


BONUS #2 Ad Creation MasteryThe Exact Tools I Use To Create 7-Figure Facebook Ads!

  • My Secret Ad Creation Toolkit – The EXACT Tools I Used To Get 1.6 MILLION Clicks From Facebook…

  • 2 FREE Tools I Use To Create Image Ads – You Won’t Believe The CTRs I Get With These Images…

  • Launch Video Ads In MINUTES – No Fancy Camera Equipment or Studio Production. Create Videos That Get CLICKS!


BONUS #3 First Campaign Checklists NEVER Launch A Losing Campaign Starting Today!

  • I SWEAR By These Checklists – To This Day – I Make Sure To Follow Every Single Step… Can’t Go Wrong!

  • Step-by-Step FORMULA – Launching An Ad Is EASY! Only No One Else Tells You How…

  • 5-Minute Ritual – Leverage This Simple Ritual I Follow To Launch A Campaign. Can’t Believe I’m Giving This Away…


BONUS #4 Kick-Start Targeting The Absolute Best Interests To Target In 20 HOT Niches…

  • We’ve Done The Research – Afraid To Choose The Wrong Targeting? Not Anymore…

  • Hottest Interests To Target – Continuously Updated!

  • Quick-Start Your Campaigns – The FASTEST Way To Launch Your Campaigns – Simply Use Our Keywords!


  1. Welcome

    01. Getting Started With Facebook Ads

    02. The Funnel

    03. Landing Page

    04. The Ad.

    05. Targeting

    06. Optimization

    07. Advanced Strategies

    08. No 08

    09. Nuts & Bolts

    10. Replays

    11. Bonuses